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Horrifying Halloween Season Is Here

We here are dead Bird productions are poised and ready to put on our largest, most immersive, and terrifying haunts to date. With record-breaking numbers last year, we have changed things up, and acquired more space, for a longer run time, to provide even more scares. You are not going to want to miss this.

We're hiring for the 2024 season: 

Scare actors, concessions, parking attendants, tractor drivers, prop design, and security - for more info email: 

Ready for a



The 2024 Season Is coming soon. stay tuned for more updates.


There's a feeling in the air, a stillness.  Something isn't right on these quiet streets, within this peaceful town.  Something terrifying, something bone chilling is coming. The air is filled with death, with Evil.  They say clowns bring joy, but these clowns were born from dark magic. They will feed upon your flesh; they will kill anyone they come across. And now, you're next! Welcome to Carn-Evil.

Dead Bird Production Presents...

A horror double feature. Get your tickets now before it's too late.

don't answer that!

23 identified bodies have been collected by local police. The proven work of Serial killer, Bernard William Donald. Missing persons in this community have been defaced, dismembered and mutilated too grossly to be identified. Authorities believe he calls his victims and if they answer they are as good as gone. Assist local authorities on the hunt for this killer, but Don't answer that phone!

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